Water- THE Most Wonderful Fitness Tool!


Staying hydrated by drinking enough water has miraculous effects on our health, including on our hair and skin. It’s one of those indispensable beauty products that adds the radiance which no cosmetic product on earth can ever compensate for or compete with.

Keeps you hydrated

Let’s discuss skin. It’s the largest organ of our body, made up of cells, mostly comprising water content and thus requires maximum water to retain its shine and health. When we don’t drink enough water, it becomes dehydrated, and begins to look dead and lifeless, and loses lustre. Besides water other factors that dehydrate our skin and makes it lifeless includes pollution, dirt, grime, smoke and heat etc that take a toll on your skin. As a result of which you get acne, pimples etc. However water plays a critical role because it flushes out all the dirt and grime besides hydrating the skin, and clears the pores of skin, making it strong which helps the skin to fight with other factors. When you drink the required amount of water, our body is able to function better and skin renews itself faster.

Water keeps your skin young

Since skin cells (as earlier discussed) comprise water content, water is what will keep it taut, toned, and looking fresh and healthy. Well looked after skin (read well hydrated) will not age as quickly.   Dry skin will son crumble and begin to develop wrinkles, but if your skin is well hydrated, you can postpone this situation, and help your skin to remain supple and smooth for a longer time.

To keep your skin looking young even as you age, you should make it a habit to drink enough water through the day. It should become a part of your daily routine quite early in life. If you do it, your skin will remain tight; the water you consume will fill your skin cells with water, and thus you will always look nice and a few years younger for years to come.

Adds gloss and sheen to your hair

Drinking sufficient water will keep your hair hydrated too, making it softer and silkier. If you have frizzy hair increasing water intake will work very well for you, as water will smoothen your hair you won’t feel the need to use chemical based anti-frizz shampoo, conditioner, serum and many such OTC available products.

Hair is a very delicate thing and drinking plenty of water makes it strong. Make it a point to give last rinse of cold water after hair wash to close the cuticles of your hair. If the pores are closed they will not let any dust or other pollutants get in during the day. Similarly rinse your hair with normal water before jumping in the pool to prevent the damage caused due to chlorine.

Cold water  is the best relaxant

Taking a cold water shower s you call it a day helps to unwind as some stress gets washed too. Cold water helps to relax the nerves and soothes your skin and hair. Cold water also helps you to get rid of puffy eyes, redness in the eyes.

Water: Your Natural Hair Stylist

Set your hair into your chosen hairstyle when it’s damp, and let it dry. Water will work as a natural styling gel. The science behind it is that our hair that is made up of several hydrogen bonds, these bonds separate from each other when our hair is wet. And when we style our hair while it’s wet, the hydrogen bonds will form a new shape when hair dries. Let it dry naturally.

Can things get any simpler!