An initiative to help everyone discover well being and happiness.

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           We at Vishwa promote health, wellness and happiness to the entire world through Ayurveda & Yoga; and set you on the path of self discovery through spirituality.  Through our special program Vishwa Global Initiative we are trying to bring holistic wellness solutions closer to everyone, worldwide.

            All our products are created and developed under the direct supervision of our experts; from top quality raw materials responsibly sourced; and processed in accordance with the age old time tested formula, and highest level of manufacturing standards. All our products are door delivered across India.

         Our initiatives and enterprises create transformation and development in the rural parts of India. We support organizations doing path breaking work in areas like – persevering traditional art forms, working to bring social reforms, environment protection in as many ways as we can. We offer them a global platform to showcase their initiatives, art and craft; thereby improving their visibility, & raising awareness about their cause.

              To know more about our products, product range, and how they can help one to lead a radiant and healthy life inside out, visit our website at  learn about the products in detail and order them online. Since our products promise purity and quality, their benefits are visible and long lasting. While some products show immediate results, there are others that may take a little longer; we may also prescribe combination products depending on the disorder we’re treating. Duration may vary according to your age and condition of disorder.

                 While prescribing or couriering products we ensure that the user has clearly understood its dosage and duration to enjoy optimum results. We communicate with them from time to time; as well as expect patrons to keep us posted on progress from time to time.