What is Yoga Nidra & How Does It Help? 


Yog nidra is a yogic practice that may last anywhere between 30 & 40 minutes where you go into a state of complete relaxation in sleeping posture. When you wake up from yog nidra session, you feel as fresh and relaxed as you do after a good night’s sleep. When yog nidra for the beginners should be performed or taught by an experienced guru for the disciple to reap the fruits.  Through regular practice some of you may experience relaxation through yog nidra that is even better than what you get after a good night’s sleep.

Yog nidra is a state where you’re not asleep, but not awake either. In this state your conscious and subconscious minds are in direct contact. In the state of Yog Nidra, the individual can access his sub conscious mind directly bypassing mind and intellect.

In yog nidra state what your ears hear reaches directly into your conscious mind and gets stored in the sub conscious mind and when this happens over a period of time it reflects in your behaviour and personality.

This is the way the subconscious mind gets programmed which makes us react in a certain way in certain situations.  Yog nidra is a very effective tool for those who wish to improve or change their personality, confidence, or habits. By going into this mode one can change the basic programming at sub conscious level.

Our conscious mind is constantly in touch with our eyes, ears, and sense of touch etc which become the stimulus and perceive things and situations for us in a certain way on the basis of which we behave.  But when we go into sleep, our conscious mind detaches itself from ears, eyes, sense of touch… the outside sensors and goes into relaxation mode. In deep sleep mode your conscious mind does not transfer any information to your sub conscious mind but when you are in yog nidra mode,  your conscious mind becomes  powerful as it is a state when all senses other than hearing become inactive and this is when your conscious mind is focusing on  just on it hear.

Sometimes while learning or practicing yog nidra people go into deep sleep. But it doesn’t hurt the basic purpose. When one wakes up from such sleep one still experiences the same relaxation.  The fact is that yoga nidra was basically designed to absorb knowledge during sleep. So the kind of state of sleep one goes into during yog nidra is where the individual is also wide awake and aware at a certain level. Knowledge listened to in such sleep can be recorded by the mind; get’s further cemented when reinforced while one is awake. If this happens over a period of time programs change, as a result our reaction and behaviour changes. After years of practice yog gurus discovered the fact that yog nidra could be effectively used by people to re-arrange or re-align their personalities.

Yog Nidra can help you get rid of negativity, pessimism, addictions, deep set fears etc. Learn it from an expert.