Which is better – Morning Walk or Evening Walk?

Young man walking on a treadmill in a gym.

Depending on your schedule and routine make a slot of 25 minutes exclusively devoted to walking. Walking is an easy to accommodate, simple and affordable exercise to stay fit and healthy.  Given a choice between morning and evening walk, morning walk is certainly better and recommended and there are many good reasons for the same. Atmosphere is less polluted hence we get cleaner air to breathe. Vitamin D from the rising sun can’t be ignored.  It is also recommended that morning or evening, you should choose the right place to walk. Instead of walking on high traffic road choose a quieter lane or jogger’s park.

It has been reported that people who walk in the morning lea a better quality of life through the day. They digest better, eat less, and are far less attracted to wrong foods through the day. People who work or those who study also benefit from morning walk as oxygen in the minds and heart helps them to have a better focus and is able to concentrate on their studies and work better.

On the other hand if you walk in the evening, air is polluted with vehicle traffic, noise traffic etc.  Plus in the evening generally our mind and bodies feel more tired. This is also the time when trees release carbon dioxide which is not what our body requires. Instead of going for evening walks, you should choose to do some kind of indoor exercise or join a gym unless you know of a cleaner greener patch away from traffic and noise. During rainy season you can walk with an umbrella or find a corridor to walk to resort to another form of exercise for the time being.

Having said that, one should keep in mind that it is important to walk; make time for walk. Walking in the evening is better than not walking at all or not doing any kind of exercise through the day. Walking is the best and easiest exercise to stay fit and lead a healthy life and should not be taken casually.

Some of us feel lazy to walk or are told that they don’t need to walk as they look fit and have no access weight. This is not right. Everyone irrespective of weight or fitness should walk in order to stay healthy for years to come. Some of us also feel laze or are not enthused about it.  We should set a time aside for it and push ourselves until it becomes a habit. If we set a fixed time aside for walking or join a group that walks every day, eventually we will start enjoying walk and experience its various benefits in our day to day lives.