Why Do You Wake Up Tired & How Not to!


Sleeplessness is a common problem among men and women alike worldwide and those who suffer from it more or less know what’s causing it. But for those who are able to sleep quickly without any problem and yet wake up feeling tired and noisy in the head it’s a worse issue to deal with. This condition does not have loud symptoms. So it is us who have to listen to and notice our body and day to day lives and the energy levels.

People who have poor sleep, the rest does not revitalise them and hence they feel sleepy and tired during the day.  We will discuss a few symptoms and underlying problems with steps you can take to get over them.

Wake Up Tired With Fowl Taste in the Mouth

If you have a poor sleep and experience bad taste in the mouth as you wake up: Waking up in the morning with fowl taste in the mouth is a sign of GERD- Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, commonly referred to as heartburn without visible symptoms. This sleep-related acid reflux problem is unique in the sense that it quietly seeps into your routine and does not give you a chance to recognise its existence until it has settled in well. When your problem is GERD, your body is in partial awake condition which causes tiredness.

Repair: If you’re overweight lose weight; it’wll reduce the problem to a great extent on a permanent basis. Two, since acid reflux is causing the condition avoid all foods causing acid problems, especially more so towards evening hours. Eat dinner early, at least two hours before hitting the bed. Some items to avoid include alcohol, chocolate, gravy and spicy food, fatty meats, citrus fruits, tomatoes, medicines like pain killers and aspirin etc add to heartburn and acid reflux. Some doctors advise chewing gum before sleeping as it improves saliva production that helps digestion.

The way you sleep also affects acid reflux in a major way. Sleep studies show that sleeping on your left reduces symptoms while sleeping in the right increases them. Sleeping flat on back with back and shoulder elevated is better than sleeping flat on your back.

Restless Leg and Snoring:

Medical term for this condition is periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD). Doctors have not been able to pin point the exact causes of it yet but it is proved that this condition doesn’t allow you to have a deep sleep. Frequent leg movement disturbs your sleep. What you can do and visit the doctor and let him do sleep study if he thinks it can help. However probable common causes could be arthritis, on set of diabetes, anemia, thyroid disease, kidney problems, peripheral neuropathy etc. After examining you doctors may also suggest diet rich in iron and B vitamins.

Wake up with Dry Mouth & Extremely Fowl Breath

Breathing from mouth and snoring are the signs of both the above conditions. When you are unknowingly doing these things you do not get enough oxygen and aren’t able to completely relax while sleeping. Snoring disrupts sleep.  If you gasp in sleep or do a loud breathing it is indicative of obstructed breathing which should be attended to at the earliest before it leads to issues that will take longer to sort out. To overcome this problem train yourself to breathe through nose, try over the counter available snore stopping strips. Drinking alcohol in the evening relaxes your nose and throat muscles which actually worsen snoring; it is advised therefore to cut it down. Lose weight if required.

You Have a Good Sleep but Wake Up With Sore Throat & Neck Pain

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the term for it. Your breathings is interrupted from its rythm every ten seconds or so.  This is a rampant problem and more than 80% of the people are not even aware of it. And this is when it settles down in one’s system giving rise to many serious health issues in future.

In this condition it is generally position of tongue which doesn’t let air reach the throat. Thus blood oxygen levels drop, and when brain doesn’t get the required amount of oxygen, it begins to feel disturbed and kind of half wake up. This causes an individual to have a fitful, yet unproductive sleep. The quality of sleep is poor which makes you fatigued and tired quickly.

What you can do, first thing is lose weight if you need to! Visiting an otolaryngologist can help because he’ll examine your nose, mouth, throat to get to the root of what may be interrupting your breathing and will fix the problem. He may also measure your oxygen level during sleep.  Doctor may also prescribe using CPAP masks to treat your sleep apnea. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is a  mask which blows air directly into airways and is known to be a very effective device. There are several other techniques and devices that can help you to overcome problem of disturbed sleep and in due course many other health issues in long and short term.