Women’s Wellness Series- Healthcare in your 40’s

Group of attractive females doing some yoga indoors

Though widely known as an age when women can finally expect to find some relaxing time, the reality is that it hardly holds any water. In a way women in 40s are at their peak. It is the time when kids are grown up and are able to take care of themselves; their careers are mostly settled, but still she has 100 things in the waiting to be completed and delivered. Some of these chores are created due to modern and changed lifestyle and others have always been there.

On one hand they still have homes to run, bring food to the table, be around for children, AND run around taking care of ageing parents. All these things together put additional burden and pressure on her which leads to stress-related disorders like anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and heart disease… one thing leading to the other sometimes.

It is time when women are getting close to menopause, their hormones are running helter-skelter, and body in general is showing signs of ageing that include lack of energy after a hard day’s work, irritability etc.  If you have been careful in your 20s and 30s and have taken care of your health, or if your body’s natural metabolism has been good, chances are that you would still be feeling that things are under control. And you can improve it. Making good health choices is now all the more vital to stay and feel fit and prevent the onset of many chronic diseases.

In your 40s it is the best time to rearrange your fitness routine. Thirty minutes of exercise is advised everyday which should include muscle and strength-building which will help you deal with depleting bone strength. It will also help to regulate cholesterol, control weight, strengthen bones, bring down chances of depression, and ease menopausal symptoms.

In your forties besides exercising you should also get into the habit of eating right. Don’t gorge if your body can’t digest it, don’t binge, find the foods that suit you better and are right for you. For this if you are required to try things you’ve never tried before, go for it. The secret lies in consuming a well balanced diet that is meant for a 40 year old, and contains fewer calories. A diet comprising fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein sources filled with bone-boosting calcium, vitamin D, and sufficient fibre to support your heart and digestive health. Learn to keep pickles aside. In your 40s another thing you have to take care of is to lead the kind of lifestyle wherein your beauty shines through your skin and hair from within which you can attain through good eating and leading right lifestyle instead of spending on cosmetics.

Tests you may be asked to undergo may include bone density test, breast examination, diabetes, blood pressure, pelvic test, pap smear, and the other regulars skin, eye and dental examinations from time to time.