Women’s Wellness Series- Healthcare 50’s and beyond

Photographer - senior woman with camera - at the park taking nature pictures.

When we talk about women in 50s the first thing that strikes is menopause and hot flashes. But it is more than that. Simply stated this is when a woman shifts gears and things pause only for a while, that too if you have not taken care of yourself through your 20s, 30s and 40s. Her hormones shift and she shits from child bearing age to a more relaxed and stable life. Some women do experience discomfort through this transition but with exercise and basic care it can be faced.

When you age and get past 50 you can’t help but notice the falling energy levels, sagging of skin and hot flashes making you uncomfortable, if they haven’t started already. Menopause hits women between 45 and 55 years of age. Once you get past this stage and you are also experiencing weight issues. Your body’s lean muscle mass is beginning to gradually turn to fat as a result of which your waist line is increasing. Remember anything beyond 35 inches and you are inviting many health conditions including diabetes and heart diseases., loss of bone density, gaining belly fat which increases your chances of heart disease.

When you reach 50 or are getting close to it your fitness goal should be to focus on maintaining a weight suitable for your body, which will supports bone strength. You can also work towards muscle building which will boost your metabolism that is also beginning to show depletion.  It is said that when a woman above 50 visits doctor she should get 5 tests done for sure and they are LDL, HDL (good and bad cholesterol), Triglycerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure.

Healthy habits to adopt in your fifties include cultivating resilience so that your anger is not triggered like it would when you were younger.  When you stress less you are likely to feel better about yourself, many diseases can be kept at bay; thus you not only create a positive environment around you, you also help other people become positive and lead a healthier life. If you are resilient it means you have lived your life well till now and have learnt lessons life wanted to teach you.

It is wisdom and when it shines through it brightens your own life and that of many others. Remain fit through exercises like yoga and walking and other suggested by docs to maintain weight and bone density. Learn to accept changes in your body and eat right food in moderation in accordance with changes that are occurring, consider supplements; protect your skin from sun damage. Provide your body with enough antioxidant which can happen by increasing fruit and vegetable intake; this will support healthy cholesterol and fibre will help digestive system to function properly.

The tests you may be asked to undergo include bone density test, diabetes screening, blood pressure, cholesterol, breast examination, eyes and dental check up etc.