Women’s Wellness Series – Healthcare in Your 20s


Some of you might think that 20s is way too early to worry about health. You’re feeling perfectly fit, optimistic, energetic, and ready to go! Life is all fun and exciting. I agree that 20s is a time of unlimited possibilities. However it is also the best time to take advantage of your youth, energy levels, and resilience and build a sturdy foundation for a long, healthy, happy life.20s is the best time to take steps as these are the formative years and your body is still building.

Why start when symptoms begin to surface? We all know how time flies and suddenly you’ll find yourself turning a new page. If you take good care of yourself during 20s, chances are that some of you may be able to arrest and control some irreversible diseases like diabetes etc much early.

There are some diseases that may get better of everything we do to protect ourselves and steer clear of but they may hit us. These are the diseases that we may have inherited genetically, and they can set our life and health off-balance. But there are other diseases born out of lifestyle choices that we have control over and that those choices we should ensure are good for us.

In 20s our bodies are quite prone to immune system disorders which may lead to health conditions like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis in future. If your exercise and nutritional diet routines are poor you should keep an eye on diabetes; similarly if your sleep pattern is haywire it might interfere with your memory and ability to focus, lack of good sleep also makes you more susceptible to injuries, and your body’s ability to handle stress may be adversely affected.

This is also the age when infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy & infertility related problems may surface. Acne may bother some of you. Over exposure to sun may hit many of you. Sufficient store of collagen may not let sun damage show now but in years to come it will, i.e. if you have not taken enough care to protect your skin from harmful rays of sun.

If you put on too much weight while you’re still in your 20s it will set your body up for conditions like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Your bones will begin to weaken faster as it will be bearing the weight of your body from early on. Make sure whether you have weight issues or don’t choose a diet that has plenty of bone-building calcium in it.

Steps to take: Eat healthy, exercise and stay active, don’t smoke, make it a habit to have nutritional diet, sleep well, protect your skin, practice safe sex, don’t take health issues or symptoms lightly, do everything to safeguard your reproductive health. Doctors may suggest following examinations from time to time that you should comply. Pep and pelvic examination, dental checkups, breast exam, skin protection, eye protection, cholesterol, blood pressure check up etc.

If you take care of your health in your 20s your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond will be better and you will be able to lead a more healthy life, adding more meaning and sense to it.