Women’s Wellness Series- Healthcare in Your 30s


Women are busiest in their 30s. They are moms, juggling career, building and looking after family, and running countless errands you can’t think of. This is the beginning of the phase when she gets into the habit of ignoring herself and letting herself go and she wakes up when water has flown over her head and symptoms are already looking in the face.

She gets so busy running everyone’s life that she forgets her own, and before she knows it she finds herself struggling with horrific health issues that cropped up because she wasn’t more careful in her 30s.

So 30s is an important phase from the point of view of preparing now so that you can enjoy good health in later years. Admitted that controlling is tough, and maintaining a healthy life style on a day to day basis is not easy. But you too got to understand here that with each passing decade health problems will go on getting worse and it won’t be any easier later than it is now. In fact it will get tougher to control your weight, sugar, blood pressure, and what not. So better is to start early and learn to discipline our bodies while we are in our 30s.

Problems you might see yourself dealing with in your 30s may include loss of bone calcium, regenerative skin, hormonal issues throwing your menstrual cycle off balance, uterine fibroids, etc. If you are considering or planning pregnancy in your late 30s it may increase risk of birth defects, miscarriages, and many other difficulties. This is also the age when you may start noticing ageing process becoming more visible.  Wrinkles may begin to show as you smile. And if you have let your skin get exposed to harmful rays of sun, chances that your skin will be looking duller and more aged than you expected.

This is the time when you should get the following tests done at more regular intervals. Tests like cholesterol and blood pressure, pap test, pelvic, breast exam, get skin checked if you notice appearance of new moles and marks, eye exams, dental checks etc.  Besides you should make physical activities and exercise a part of your daily routine. Physical activity decreases risks associated with heart disease, diabetes, and the symptoms of stress, depression etc.

If you procrastinate pregnancy beyond early 30s, chances of your struggling with immense physical and emotional trauma will increase manifold and once you reach that stage, it is irreversible. Do what you can, spend as much money as you wish, but you can’t get your health back or any younger. High flying career and everything else goes for a toss in the face of this crisis. So get your priorities in order.  If you wish to have a baby, you are running out of time. Don’t take advice, don’t take chances, and people may say anything, modern medicines can do only as much as they can. Nothing can replace and do what a young and healthy body can.

So if you are a woman in 30s, above all keep your weight under control, eat and exercise right, be healthy, stay active. Take some time out for yourself. Lead life that has a positive impact on your emotional health; because, if emotional health goes for a toss, it will soon show in your physical health.