Yoga Exercises Help Fight Anxiety!


Yoga and breathing are wonders that have benefitted stress of the highest level; that of soldiers on duty; it has restored calm for patients with post-traumatic stress disorder; in the face of such examples, anxiety is but a mild disorder for yoga and Pranayam to cure. First thing to remember is that you shouldn’t neglect bad mood and anxiety as these lead to stress and depression; the longer you ignore, the worse they can get.

Yoga releases tension and lowers cortisol levels a stress causing hormone. Yoga-Pranayaam combination is a CONFIRMED anti-depressant and a mental health booster for people who include it as a part of their lifestyle.  Yoga helps people to produce higher levels of amino acid GABA; a chemical that helps to keep the brain cool. Low level of amino acid GABA is associated with depression, anxiety etc. Besides, yoga also helps to stabilize and keep your weight in check.

Clinical psychologist Deborah Khoshaba, Hardness Institute in California says that being in a deep state of physiological relaxation affects you on a neurobiological level, as during this time every cell in your body takes a break.

To put our body in a state of deep relaxation benefits at cellular level; and to reach that stage we have to train our body to shift to a state of deep rest and calm. And nothing but yoga & pranayaam can do it for you. Yoga is such an effective, powerful, and instant remedy that you can improve your mood by improving your posture! Keep an eye on the mood, and anxiety will get taken care of!

Yoga-pranayam-meditation combination works like magic. Meditating for a few minutes reduces stress, anxiety and improves sleep.  Relaxed mind perceives pain in a way that it feels less stressful; when your body doesn’t have to deal with stress arising from pains etc, probability of problems like high blood pressure, sugar, and heart diseases is comparatively less.

A misleading notion about meditation is that to meditate we need to shut our minds, empty it of thoughts that in our real day to day life seems impossible. Let’s unlearn this and learn a new lesson. Instead of shutting our minds, let’s change the perspective regarding the thoughts that are causing anxiety. Let’s get a new perspective to deal with the situation which is more positive and calming for mind and less of a burden on the heart; perspective that helps us to make peace with the situation, and lends strength to go with the flow. This will be a true victory over anxiety in the truest sense.

There’s no need to spend a fortune to beat anxiety by popping happiness pills, undergoing counselling sessions and what not! Get into yoga, breathe long and deep…..