Yummy Lentil Soup-For All Seasons

Fresh pea soup in whilte bowl seasoned with dill, cream and pepper.

Soup though more popular during winters, can make for a welcome healthy part of one’s daily meal through all seasons. May be this time you can give your red lentil soup a Turkish Twist! Or if you have never tried it, this time, lentil soup it is!

It’s simple to make, not too many ingredients required for the basic classic recipe and it fills your stomach and heart, both. All you will need is a handful of lentils, a carrot, a potato, an onion, that’s all! Pressure-cook all the ingredients with some water, little instant white sauce and when done, puree the mixture with hand blender.

Add required amount of water, slightly warmed, with salt to taste; bring it to boil and add black pepper towards the end for its aroma to last.  Keep it covered and let it simmer for a few minutes after sprinkling black pepper powder.

This is a very filling soup and substantial, perfect always; around morning or early noon, it keeps you full till next meal is on the table. For those of you who consider midday meals as sacred and solid, this soup will blend perfectly with your lunch.

It goes well with oven baked hot bread. It is one of those things that lift your mood instantly. And it is one of those soups you can make quickly and will work when nothing else seems to. You can make it in a family lunch or when you call friends over or you’re all by yourself wondering what to cook. Red Lentil soup works each and every time. You can add your own flavour in this velvety soup. Serve hot, Sprinkle mint leaves, red pepper flakes, toasted sunflower seeds, and some melted butter / olive oil – for that extra creaminess.

f some is left and you wish to use it the next day, refrigerate it. Next day you will notice that it has thickened in consistency. Keep it out of refrigerator a few hours before you want to heat it. Then add some warm water as you begin to heat it and its one more round of piping hot and healthy lentil soup for you to savour.